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Review of Vinyl Adventure Corvette Tonearm Cable – by David King

When I rang MCRU to order to order a new tone arm cable I was disappointed to learn that it might take some weeks for the cable to arrive. As my previous cable had failed and I had visitors the following day, I asked David Brook if he could lend me a cable until the new one came. He said that he would ‘put something in the post’. I had no idea at this stage what the cable might be, but DB was as good as his word and the loan cable arrived the following day. It came in...

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Announcing The Vinyl Adventure Corvette – our new silver tonearm cable

The Corvette tonearm cable is the second in the range of analogue interconnect cables from TVA. It’s our philosophy that great hi-fi doesn’t need to cost the world. This is most reflected in our Rebel cable that was specifically designed to offer a superb performance at an exceptionally low cost. With the Rebel being named as a little nod to music legend David Bowie, it seemed only right to name our new cable Corvette in homage to Prince. The Corvette a step up in terms of sound quality whilst still remaining comparatively inexpensive. It consists of two independently shielded 4 core pure silver runs of...

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The TVA Lenco GL75 Project – Understanding the potential

This post acts as both an update to my Lenco project and a little update to my own home system. I’ve borrowed a one off Northwest Audio modified/restored Lenco GL75. It’s actually a turntable we have for sale here on TVA, so whilst we had it, I thought I’d give it a go in my own Hifi. I’ve borrowed it through intrigue in how good these turntables can sound, the only problem is, now I have it, I want it.  It’s fair to say that it sounds stunning. I know its a far stretch from the original player, but I’d no...

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David Bowie – He’ll Certainly live on in our household

I’m sure there’ll be countless articles on countless websites about the news of David Bowie’s death. Many I am sure proclaiming his genius and talking about how much of a loss it is to the world. Of course, I completely agree. I would love to be able to write a blog post here on TVA that even began to do his life and achievements justice, I’m just not sure I can – where would I even start…? The one thing I am sure of though is that whilst I could never do the extent of his career justice, its...

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Some (Possibly) Controversial Thoughts on Vinyl Records and Computer Audio – Guest post by David King

I make no secret of the fact that I am not a fan of computer audio. Partly, I am sure it is because I am something of a technical Luddite or perhaps it’s a generational thing. More importantly it seems to me to change the whole nature of the hobby. It appears to be a yet another great dumbing down exercise, reducing everything to the level of disposable elevator music or muzak as we used to call it. In the world of computerised music there seems to be little intellectual curiosity about the music, composers or artistes nor is...

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