The Corvette tonearm cable is the second in the range of analogue interconnect cables from TVA. It’s our philosophy that great hi-fi doesn’t need to cost the world. This is most reflected in our Rebel cable that was specifically designed to offer a superb performance at an exceptionally low cost.

With the Rebel being named as a little nod to music legend David Bowie, it seemed only right to name our new cable Corvette in homage to Prince.

The Corvette a step up in terms of sound quality whilst still remaining comparatively inexpensive. It consists of two independently shielded 4 core pure silver runs of cable, one for each channel. These cables run side by side inside multifilament techflex until the point where they split, tidied up with a carbon fibre cable splitter. The braided copper shielding runs uninterrupted right from the Din connector into the RCA connectors. The RCA end of the cable is terminated with silver plated push fit RCA’s and a 5.5mm spade on the ground wire.


You can find the tech specs and buy the cable here