Coming soon to The Vinyl Adventure… We are excited to present to you, from Mirumir Music Publishing, the Angry Birds Go! Original Soundtrack!

Featuring 10 original tracks, this is the worlds first soundtrack to the immensely popular video game. Rovio’s Angry Birds Go! soundtrack is not what you’d expect. It has been recorded with dozens of live instruments from the guitars and drums to theremin, saws and roasting pan with beef steak (full list of almost 100 instruments listed on the inner sleeve).

This soundtrack offers you more exciting music than was used in the game and even more than on the iTunes release.

The incredible neo-psychedelic retro-funk groove from Pepe Deluxé, who started in the late 90s with trip-hop and downtempo, deserves to be listened on a high quality audio system, rather than built-in speaker phone. Guest list includes such eminent persons of the world music scene as a keyboardist of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and Stratovarius’ Jens Johansson and the most famous accordionist in the World, Kimmo Pohjonen.

Track list:
Side A:
1.Go! Theme 2. Songbird 3. Hot Streak 4. Races High

Side B:
1. Cobalt Plateau 2. Let’s Breeze Away 3. Boss Battle 4. Rocky Roads 5. The Big Stunt 6. Training

Coming soon… This first ever vinyl issue of the Angry Birds Go! original soundtrack is not to be missed!