Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 – 3LP Vinyl


Selected Ambient Works Volume II is the second studio album by English electronic musician Richard D. James under the alias Aphex Twin. The album was released by Warp on 7 March 1994. Billed as a follow-up to Selected Ambient Works 85–92, the album differs in sound by being largely beatless ambient music. James has claimed that the album was inspired by lucid dreaming.

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A1 Untitled 7:22
A2 Untitled 6:29
A3 Untitled 7:36
B1 Untitled 8:49
B2 Untitled 3:25
B3 Untitled 8:39
B4 Untitled 5:06
C1 Untitled 6:44
C2 Untitled 9:46
C3 Untitled 7:09
C4 Untitled 2:36
D1 Blue Calx 7:15
D2 Untitled 7:53
D3 Untitled 5:30
D4 Untitled 4:37
D5 Untitled 1:57
E1 Untitled 7:14
E2 Untitled 5:50
E3 Untitled 4:07
F1 Untitled 7:01
F2 Untitled 7:20
F3 Untitled 11:23
F4 Untitled 5:33

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