The Dust Brothers – Fight Club – OST – 2LP Vinyl

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The release comes in a yellow cardboard package with an IKEA-themed jacket (with touches like “Mondö” and pull-out assembly instructions), a nod to Edward Norton’s character’s obsession with keeping the appearance of being a normal, successful adult. It also features his spirit animal, the penguin. To open the sleeve, a strip of paper with the penguin needs to be removed and the “sacrifice” arrow torn apart, thus separating it in two pieces and destroying it for good.

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A1 Who Is Tyler Durden? 5:03
A2 Homework 4:38
A3 What Is Fight Club? 4:43
A4 Single Serving Jack 4:15
B1 Corporate World 2:43
B2 Psycho Boy Jack 2:58
B3 Hessel, Raymond K. 2:49
B4 Medula Oblongata 6:00
C1 Jack’s Smirking Revenge 3:59
C2 Stealing Fat 2:22
C3 Chemical Burn 3:35
C4 Marla 4:22
D1 Commissioner Castration 3:07
D2 Space Monkeys 3:24
D3 Finding The Bomb 6:45
D4 This is Your Life

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